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"Our daughters have been Sharon Springs Cheerleaders for the last 2 years. We have been so pleased with the positive focus of the program, and the dedication of their coaches and junior coaches. It has been a joy to watch them both grow in confidence and ability. This past year our older daughter made the Sharon Springs Competition team, and it has been such a great experience. She has learned the value of teamwork and working hard toward a goal, and has developed many deep friendships. The competitions were uplifting and fun for our whole family." Nancy and Dennis Becker, Cheer Parents

"I have been cheering at Twister Allstars for 2 years and always loved cheering the younger kids on. I found out about junior coaching and automatically wanted to do it. Being able to junior coach for Sharon Springs was an amazing opportunity and I can't wait until next season. Watching all of the girls grow throughout the season into great cheerleaders is an unbelievable experience. Junior coaching has taught me so much and is definitely something to try if you love cheerleading! "  Azura Cooke, Junior Coach and Lambert High School Student

"We have been a part of the Sharon Springs family for about 5 years now.   My daughter has grown tremendously in her skill set, social interactions and self-confidence.  I enjoy watching my daughter cheer for each football game and at each competition.  It is doubly exciting because my wife has always been my daughter's coach and it is a great bonding experience for them both.  The Sharon Springs Cheerleading Association offers wonderful opportunities for girls and parents alike."  John Barr, Cheer Dad
"I have been very fortunate over the last 12 years to have a wonderful group of cheerleaders be part of my teams.  I believe a football team is only a true team when there cheerleaders and players are practicing and playing together, win or lose.  I would not have it any other way! " Frank Boutwell, FCYFA Coach

"Sharon Springs Cheerleading has provided an amazing environment where my daughter has learned the lifelong lesson of what it looks like to work as a team. Cheerleading isn't all about one person, it is about a team of girls that are working together to pull off some pretty cool stuff! Getting to coach my daughter every season is priceless! I love being a part of her life and seeing her interacting with her friends and peers. The bond that she and I have gained throughout the years is something I don't think could have happened without being her coach. She loves that her friends think her mom is "so cool" and obviously I love that too! Every year I ask her if she wants to cheer again, and every year she says "only if you're coaching mom!" Thank you Sharon Springs for providing my daughter and I will memories that will last throughout both of our lives!" Michelle Sheintal, Cheer Mom and SSCA Coach