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May 18, 2020

Cheerleading Families of 2020

Re: Registration Update and/or REFUND if season is cancelled


Falcon Families,


Hope this letter finds you all well and healthy.  I know we are all anxious to get back to “normal” and see our children in sports and on the fields next fall.  Some of you have asked about  registration fees and refunds so we hope to answer those questions with this letter.  The Board of Directors has been working diligently to come up with a plan in the event that we do NOT have a season. We remain hopeful that there will be a football/cheer season and continue to plan accordingly.  However, in the event there is not, we will proceed with the guidelines outlined below:


2020 Registration Fees

Early $335

March 1 - March 31


Regular $350  

 April 1 to present


Our registration fees cover the following costs:


Cheer Shoes

Hair Bow

Uniform Skirt

Uniform Shell

Uniform Brief






Practice Shorts








Practice Tee

Practice Tank








Park Fees









As you can see, a good amount of our registration fees go directly towards the purchasing of uniforms and practice apparel for our cheerleaders. 

If we proceed as planned with all intentions of having a Football/Cheer season in the fall, the items listed above will need to be ordered starting mid June.  With that being said, if the county and GFA decide after June 15 that there will NOT be a season, we will have already ordered the VARSITY items for your cheerleader.  If this is the case, we as a board have decided that the uniforms will remain in our possession in the hopes that we can use them next year.   A full refund will then be given to all who have registered.  

If at the end of July/beginning of August the GFA decides to cancel the season and we have ordered from Atlanta Kustom and GearUP as well as VARSITY, the SSCA will keep the items ordered from VARSITY, and the $55 worth of apparel ordered from the local vendors (GEAR UP & ATLANTA KUSTOM) will be taken from your registration fee and a refund will be issued.  Your cheerleader will keep the items mentioned above from GearUp and Atlanta Kustom.  

REFUND if season is CANCELLED and all has been ORDERED


March 1 to March 31

$335-$55 = $280


April 1 to present

$350-$55 = $295


As of right now, we are proceeding as if the season will occur.  Our first game is slated to be the 3rd week in August.  All dates are subject to change depending on what is allowed by the county and the Georgia Football Association Board.   


Registration remains open and we hope that with the information above provides clarity during an uncertain time.  Thank you to all who have registered, your funds are in place for the season and you will be notified of any refunds if necessary.  Once your child is registered please follow the link to do her virtual fitting through Varsity.  Thank you in advance for your time and patience during these unprecedented times.  



Christina Kotwica 

SSCA President